Impact Report 2023

I landed my dream job
and I am so proud of myself.

Together, working for a thriving California

Dear Friends, 

I want to express my most sincere gratitude to each and every one of you who makes our work possible. This has been a remarkable year for JVS, and I am so inspired by the incredible strides we’ve made in the last 12 months. 

After nimbly navigating tremendous change over the last four years, 2023 was a powerful renewal year for JVS. We moved to a new office in the heart of downtown San Francisco, launched a new and vibrant brand, and brought our community together in-person for the first time since 2019 to celebrate our 50th anniversary. At the same time, we are also so thrilled to see our impact continue to deepen and grow as we work towards our north star: advancing racial equity and ensuring equitable economic mobility for our jobseekers and alumni. 

In 2023 we celebrated 50 years of impact. Our bold, 10-year strategy is grounded in all the work that came before. We are committed and steadfast in our focus to expand our job training programs to serve more people, continue cultivating robust employer partnerships to drive inclusivity in hiring practices, and champion systemic change through policy initiatives and advocacy, fostering more opportunities for economic mobility through our workforce.  

We take inspiration from the enduring Jewish value of “l’dor v’dor,” from generation to generation, as we strive to create a brighter future for all for many generations to come. Our vision is clear: to support individuals in securing quality careers with opportunities for economic advancement, especially those from disinvested communities.

I extend my deepest gratitude to our supporters, partners, and dedicated staff who tirelessly support jobseekers on their journey to realizing their dreams. I am honored and grateful to lead JVS – thank you for your commitment to our work and jobseekers! Together, let’s continue to push the boundaries of what we can achieve to ensure a thriving future.

In Community, 

Lisa Countryman-Quiroz
Lisa signature
Lisa Countryman-Quiroz
Chief Executive Officer

At a Glance: Fiscal Year 2023

We offer no-cost skill-building training programs in the growing fields of technology, healthcare, and skilled trades. Our hybrid online and in-person training programs are paired with paid internships, and job search and placement support.

We partner with employers to shift hiring practices to be more inclusive and offer opportunities for advancement, especially for people without 4-year degrees, and those from disinvested communities. We also partner with government agencies, community organizations and community colleges to deliver high-impact training programs while meeting the needs of our participants.

We invest in transforming systems and policies to remove barriers, create more equitable opportunities for earning and learning, and offer more members of our communities increased access to thriving-wage careers, prosperity, and economic mobility.

Total Californians Served

(852 Adults & 625 Young People)

average hourly


Percent of JVS JobSeekers Who Identify as Black, LatinE, Asian, or People of Color











cash assistance Provided to JVS JobSeekers

March 2020 – July 2023

Fostering Economic Prosperity through Career Development & On-the-job Learning 

We believe that everyone deserves access to quality jobs, long-term economic mobility, and the opportunity to achieve their goals. At JVS, jobseekers are at the heart of all we do, and we are committed to ensuring strong learner-centered outcomes through our career pathway programs that include robust on-the-job learning opportunities. As a steadfast advocate for racial equity, JVS crafts programs that meet individuals at their points of strength, offering tailored, personalized support. While we define our success in terms of increasing economic mobility, the positive impact of realizing one’s own potential is immeasurable.

Over the last year, JVS continued to invest in improving, growing, and innovating our high-quality career pathway, job search support, and advancement programs to be even more participant-centered, and easier to navigate. We also developed new strategies, including launching a new learning management system, to meet community needs at scale throughout California.

Answering the Calling to Help People through a Career in Healthcare

Angelique’s Story


My experience was great. JVS staff helped with everything. They were very considerate about us having work/life balance and children. And they encourage you to keep going.

Angelique, Dental assistant
Alameda Pediatric dentistry

Angelique always wanted to work in the healthcare industry to help people. Before learning about JVS, she provided end-of-life care for elderly patients but found the emotional toll of the work overwhelming. When she learned about the JVS Foundations in Dental Assisting program, she decided to give the new career path a try.

After completing the dental assisting program, Angelique started as a Dental Assistant at La Clínica Dental at Children’s Hospital which provided a fast-paced training ground for her first dental role. From there, she went on to accept a position at Alameda Pediatric Dentistry, where she quickly excelled and received an employee spotlight award just three months after starting. 

While Angelique was getting started in her career as a dental assistant, her employer and her JVS coach encouraged her to continue to develop her career by learning new skills in the office and enrolling in additional training. In 2023, she decided to pursue her Registered Dental Assistant certification with JVS, and she plans to eventually go to dental hygiene school and continue building her career in dentistry.

“If you’re on the fence about applying, JVS is a really good place to be,” Angelique shared. “They help you with any struggles that you have. They will help you push through it and work through it every step of the way. You’re not doing it alone.” 

Angelique now enjoys the benefits of a stable job with regular hours, and she enjoys being in the healthcare industry in a different capacity than she was before. 


From Small Town Barista to Silicon Valley Tech Sales

Mirella’s Story


As an adult, after a certain point you’re just supposed to go out there into the world and make sure you do okay. But you never really have someone there for you. I was really surprised by the support that I experienced with JVS.

Mirella, Sales development representative

When Mirella moved to the Bay Area in February 2017 from a small town in Northern California, she had no plans to pursue a career in tech. She worked for 16 years as a barista and residential building manager, and jobs in the tech industry felt out of reach. “I had no idea that I wanted to be in tech or that I could even be a part of it,” Mirella shared. “I don’t have a college degree, and so I always felt like my options were limited.” 

Being close to Silicon Valley caused Mirella to start thinking about a new career path, and she eventually found an entry-level job in tech sales. After hearing from her sister, who completed JVS’s Job Search Accelerator (JSA), about how much the program helped her career development, Mirella decided to give it a try. 

“She raved for several months, if not a whole year, just about how JVS helped her,” Mirella shared. “And she just loved having the resources there. So, when I saw all of this and I looked through the information that she received from the program, I was like, ‘Okay, I’m gonna sign up for this.’”

In December 2022, Mirella joined the JSA cohort and was pleasantly surprised by the mentorship and coaching available to participants. In the often isolating landscape of job searching, Mirella found her JVS coaches and fellow JSA participants to be incredibly important in helping her find her path.

Unlike in her previous roles where she felt like there was no opportunity for growth and networking, Mirella’s move into tech sales marked a significant shift, opening opportunities for networking and participation in tech-related social groups like Latinos in Tech and Techqueria. She now holds a sales position at an international tech company and looks forward to continuing to develop her skills so she can move up the career ladder in tech sales. 

“I think you kind of have to have a certain drive inside of you and mindset to move forward and push through,” Mirella shared. “During really tough spots in life, especially when you’re in the market for a job, you just must find the right people to be your support group and find it within you to push through. I found that at JVS.”

Building a Career
in the Water Industry

Victor’s Story


Nothing happens overnight. If you’re considering doing something for yourself, that’s going to put you in a different place, that’s going to be better, then you got to be willing to take the risks.

Victor, Limited term special employment program trainee, east bay municipal utility district

Before enrolling in the JVS’s Maintenance Trades in the Water Sector pre-apprenticeship program, Victor was a middle school history teacher facing daily challenges in the field of education. When the stress of teaching started taking its toll on his well-being, Victor decided to pursue a career that would provide more long-term stability and sustainability. He enrolled in a machine technology program at Laney College, which is where he first learned about JVS.

“I really was not aware of this type of role or any sort of avenue to go down this path,” shared Victor. “I was kind of in the dark when it came to this whole world. So all credit goes to JVS for opening that door and showing me the way.”

The JVS program provided Victor with practical skills training, resume-building workshops, and interview preparation. Victor completed the program and received a paid internship in the Spring of 2023 with East Bay Municipal Utilities District (EBMUD), which helped him kickstart his career in the water industry.

“I had gotten a whole lot of experience in the water sector that I did not have before my internship,” Victor shared. “I think that really is the biggest help because when you’re trying to switch careers, how do employers know that you’re serious about it? And so now I have at least one really positive experience that reflects well on my resume that I can hang my hat on.”

When Victor’s internship ended, he immediately put the job search skills he had practiced with his JVS coaches to work and quickly secured a new job at a pump shop in Concord. In the meantime, he maintained his connections at EBMUD and passed a series of tests and interviews, and several months after his internship ended, he landed a limited-term position with EBMUD in October 2023. 

Average Increase In Earnings

Earnings Increased By



Average Annual Salary

Data is based on quarterly averages for JVS graduates (2017-2019) for those working five years after JVS program completion compared to one year prior.

Deepening Collaborations to Ensure a Flourishing Workforce 

JVS is an integral part of a larger ecosystem dedicated to revolutionizing the way Californians acquire the skills and connections necessary to secure quality, family-sustaining careers with opportunities for advancement. We all have a role to play in re-imagining and transforming training, hiring, and advancement practices; together creating increased prosperity for individuals, families, businesses, and our greater community. We recognize that as we work towards creating equitable paths to opportunity-individuals, families, employers, and communities can thrive.

Over the past year, JVS has continued to make strategic investments in building partnerships aimed at shifting the narrative of who is qualified, improving job quality, increasing advancement opportunities, and increasing pathways for non-traditional talent. We know that this work cannot be accomplished in isolation and relies on the ongoing commitment of and investment from employers to ensure our shared success.

SMFTA logo

Paving the Way to Quality Jobs in Transit through Apprenticeships

The partnership between JVS and the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA) has been instrumental in providing training and career opportunities in the public transit sector, highlighting the importance of apprenticeship and pre-apprenticeship training programs. This partnership began in 2019 when SFMTA, in collaboration with City College and IAMAW Local 1414, obtained state funding to create a pre-apprenticeship training program leading to apprentice positions in critical need occupations. JVS became a crucial partner in this initiative, helping to develop a job readiness training curriculum and provide outreach and supportive services to participants. 

Apprenticeships in the public transit sector lead to good-paying, full-time, meaningful employment with benefits and retirement plans, contributing to job quality, stability, and advancement. These roles often come with union membership, granting employees a stronger collective worker voice.

The cohort-based training program, running twice a year, includes technical instruction delivered by City College, paid on-the-job training provided by SFMTA, and job readiness training provided by JVS. The program provides an onramp for local residents to quality career opportunities in the trades, while providing SFMTA, and other transit employers, with a pipeline of talent. Margot Reed, SFMTA Apprenticeship Manager, who passed away in Spring 2023, played a pivotal role in driving the program’s success, advocating for diversity, equity, and inclusion within SFMTA, and emphasizing the need for a more diverse, highly skilled workforce. 

“The partnership with SFMTA has been instrumental in opening the door to opportunities and advancing careers in the transit sector,” shared Elizabeth Toups, Senior Partnership Impact Manager at JVS. “It’s more than collaboration; it’s a commitment to building a workforce that mirrors the richness of our community.”

The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic temporarily interrupted the partnership as SFMTA paused the recruitment of apprentices due to changing circumstances in the public transportation sector. However, the training programs continued, and new cohorts were established, showcasing the importance of investing in careers in transit. Since 2019, 113 individuals participated in 9 cycles of automotive pre-apprenticeship training, resulting in 65 employment placements. 

The partnership with SFMTA continues to serve as an example of successful collaboration between JVS and public sector employers. The partnership’s success can be attributed to the collaboration between employers, community colleges, unions, and community organizations including Golden Gate Transit, City College of SF, IAMAW Local 1414, the Port of SF, the City & County of SF, Tradeswomen Inc, Bayview YMCA, Construction Trades Workforce Initiative, and others. These programs not only benefit participants but also highlight the importance of public transit as a vital social and economic resource for the community.

quote icon

“Our partnership with JVS is rooted in our shared belief in the power of apprenticeships, recognizing them as a pivotal force in fostering skills and empowerment. Together, we’re driving towards a future of inclusive success and shared prosperity.”

– Julie Kirshbaum, SFMTA’s Director of TranSIT

Driving Workforce Development & Building a Strong Talent Pipeline 

In 2023, JVS initiated a new and powerful partnership with the University of California, Davis, Health. This collaboration will be modeled after the highly successful Excellence through Community Engagement and Learning (EXCEL) program, run in partnership with UCSF since 2009. The Medical Administrative Assistant program has been transformative for hundreds of San Francisco residents and offers a unique blend of no-cost training, paid work experience, and career opportunities, enabling UCSF to build a high-quality, local talent pool. With the expansion to UC Davis, the program aims to offer local residents the opportunity to find quality work while supporting UC Davis Health in furthering its goals as an Anchor Institution in the region.

In preparation for a Sacramento expansion, JVS is proactively collaborating with teams at UC Davis to co-create a program that capitalizes on local strengths and opportunities.

quote icon

“JVS’s strong track record building sustainable, locally-focused, and thoughtfully tailored pipeline programs makes them an incredible partner to UC Davis Health. Local, inclusive hiring and workforce development is one of our key strategies as an Anchor Institution in which we commit to intentionally leverage our business practices to increase the economic vitality of our surrounding communities.”

– Khoban Kochai, Director for Anchor Institution Mission, Office for Health Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion, UC Davis Health

JCFS logo

Career Support for Afghan & Ukrainian Asylum Seekers

Last year, JVS and Jewish Family and Community Services East Bay (JFCS East Bay) launched a new program designed to support asylum seekers as they transition into the U.S. workforce. Building on a longstanding partnership between the two organizations and JVS’s successful Job Search Accelerator program, the new initiative provides additional wraparound services that address the unique challenges that immigrants to the U.S. often face in their search for employment. 

“Delivering this program goes back to JVS’s roots and is at the very core of our values as an organization,” said Bekka Rosenbaum, Chief Strategy Officer at JVS. “Recent immigrants and refugees need a holistic set of supports and services, and by partnering with a fantastic organization like JFCS East Bay, we’re providing that more comprehensive support system for participants to advance in their careers.”

Launched last year, the inaugural cohort was composed of 21 individuals who arrived in the Bay Area from Afghanistan and Ukraine over the past two years. After providing initial services to help participants get settled in the U.S., JFCS East Bay partnered with JVS to offer job training, placement, and search support. Notably, all members in this cohort are pursuing careers in the tech industry and bring a variety of experiences and education from their home countries. In addition to receiving training through the Job Search Accelerator, JVS provides digital literacy and emotional intelligence curriculum to help acclimate program participants to the specific technologies and communications practices used in the U.S. job market. 

This is the latest program developed as part of the longtime partnership between JVS and JFCS. Both organizations hope to grow the program to address specific barriers that refugees, Special Immigrant Visa Process Application individuals, and justice-impacted jobseekers face in their career development. In addition, JVS’s goal is to continue to find partners across California who are working with communities that have historically been excluded from resources that contribute to economic mobility, and to pair their services with our proven job search and career pathway model to give participants the access to opportunities that they deserve.

quote icon

“This collaboration with JVS adds a powerful dimension to our refugee resettlement services, enabling us to better support our community with a wider range of resources and expertise.”

– Fouzia Palyal Azizi, Director of Refugee Services at JFCS East Bay

Become an Employer Partner 

When you choose to collaborate with JVS, you become an integral part of our efforts to make a lasting impact across California.

We offer various partnership opportunities for employers who are interested in working closely with JVS and our skilled alumni. Whether you’re looking to recruit top talent, provide job opportunities, or contribute as a volunteer, our team can help tailor a partnership that aligns with your organization’s goals and values.

Shaping Policy for Equitable Workforce Development 

Over the past 50 years, JVS has developed a deep understanding of California jobseekers and the barriers they face to obtaining and maintaining quality employment. Our training programs are designed to meet the specific needs of local job markets, and over the years we’ve successfully designed innovative offerings in the healthcare, skilled trades, and tech industries that connect our program participants with long-term, thriving-wage careers with opportunities for advancement. 

Although we see the successful results of our programs and their long-term positive impacts on the lives of our alumni, we know that there is more to do to remove the systemic barriers to employment that result in inequitable outcomes including occupational exclusion and significant race-based wage gaps. 

Through our policy and advocacy work, we partner with policymakers, public policy influencers, and our peers to work toward eliminating systemic roadblocks that prevent members of our communities from obtaining affordable training and quality jobs with family-sustaining wages. For over a decade, JVS has worked directly with policymakers and public policy influencers to ensure that new legislation that will benefit all California workers remains a priority in Sacramento and beyond.

Heart with medical cross icon

AB1236: Improving Healthcare Workforce Diversity

quote icon

“Equity, inclusion, and diversity are cornerstones for many healthcare employers. The data collected as a result of AB1236 will help determine not only where there are gaps in healthcare training programs statewide, but also which communities will benefit from further investments to ensure a more equitable healthcare system.”

– NATALIE ROESLER, Healthcare/Hospital Administrator 

circe with people icon

SB382: Putting Job Training into Overdrive

quote icon

“JVS SoCal is proud to partner with JVS Bay Area and Senator Becker on SB 382. This bill will ensure workforce training programs that succeed at placing people into quality jobs with opportunities for economic advancement reach communities that have historically been excluded from economic opportunities.”

– Jeff Carr, CEO of JVS SoCal

2023 Donors & Funders

From July 1, 2022-June 30, 2023

Corporations & Foundations


  • Anonymous  
  • Crankstart Foundation 
  • Focusing Philanthropy 
  • The Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Foundation, Inc. 
  • The James Irvine Foundation 
  • Kaiser Permanente 
  • Tipping Point Community 


  • Eva Heller Kohn Fund of the Jewish Community Federation & Endowment Fund 
  • Hellman Foundation 
  • Jobs for the Future 
  • LinkedIn 
  • Salesforce Foundation 
  • Sierra Health Foundation 
  • Sobrato Family Foundation 
  • Stupski Foundation 
  • Workday  
  • Younger Family Fund 


  • Bank of America 
  • Bank of the West 
  • Colliers International 
  • Jewish Community Federation & Endowment Fund 
  • The Kimball Foundation 
  • Mount Zion Health Fund 
  • U.S. Bank 
  • Walter & Elise Haas Fund 
  • Wells Fargo 


  • Anonymous  
  • Alexander M. & June L. Maisin Foundation of the Jewish Community Federation & Endowment Fund 
  • The Bernard Osher Jewish Philanthropies Foundation of the Jewish Community Federation & Endowment Fund  
  • Charles Schwab Bank 
  • Charles Schwab Foundation  
  • City National Bank 
  • Okta 
  • Sojern 
  • Sutter Health 


  • The Capital Group Companies Charitable Foundation  
  • Frank A. Campini Foundation 
  • The Koret Foundation  
  • Oppenheimer Family Foundation 
  • Pacific Gas and Electric Company 
  • San Francisco Business Times 
  • San Francisco Giants 
  • Shorenstein Family & Related Companies 
  • Union Bank Foundation


  •, Inc. 
  • AT&T California 
  • Brookfield Properties 
  • Cruise 
  • Ernst & Young 
  • The Herbst Foundation 
  • Jewish Teen Foundation 
  • Seiler LLP 
  • Silicon Valley Community Foundation 
  • SKS Partners, LLC 
  • The Swig Company  
  • Taube Foundation for Jewish Life & Culture


  • Congregation Emanu-El 
  • East Bay Municipal Utility District 
  • Electronic Arts Inc. 
  • Eli & Mae Rosen Foundation 
  • Esther D. Kahn College Intern of the Jewish Community Federation & Endowment Fund 
  • Golden State Warriors 
  • The Handlery Foundation  
  • J. the Jewish News Weekly of Northern California 
  • Leaders’ Quest 
  • Mechanics Bank 
  • RMLow Foundation 
  • San Francisco Public Utilities Commission 
  • Visa Inc. 
  • Young Community Developers, Inc. 



  • Anonymous


  • Marcia & John Goldman  
  • Cathy & Jim Koshland  
  • John Pritzker Family Fund 
  • Lisa Stone Pritzker  
  • Arthur & Toni Rembe Rock  
  • Roselyne C. Swig  
  • Kirsten Wolberg 


  • Gerson Bakar* & Barbara Bass Bakar  
  • Jerry Hurwitz & Susan Borkin 
  • Laura & Gary Lauder 
  • The Seiger Family Foundation 
  • Toole Family Foundation 
  • Ben Tulchin & Laurie Beijen


  • Lilli I. Alberga & Larry Bardoff 
  • Erran Berger & Johanna Carney 
  • Dauber Foundation 
  • Evelyn & Norman Feintech Family Foundation 
  • Wendy Kesser 
  • Ranee Lan 
  • Dennis Schuman Charitable Foundation 
  • Abby Snay & Edward Yelin 
  • The Meera & Ashok Vasudevan Foundation 
  • Michael & Bridget Walker


  • Anjana Berde 
  • Jeffrey Chiu 
  • Lorin Cortina & H. Jane Sung 
  • Lisa Countryman-Quiroz & Rafael Quiroz 
  • Lynn Feintech & Anthony Bernhardt 
  • Lisa & Douglas Goldman Fund  
  • Daniel Gumpert  
  • Patricia Hellman Gibbs & Richard Gibbs 
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  • Paulette Meyer & David Friedman  
  • Kumu Puri 
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  • The Kaplan Family 
  • Howard & Irene Levine Family Foundation 
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  • The Purple Lady/Barbara Meislin 
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  • Marilyn Waldman 


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  • Sharyn Bahn 
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  • Junehee Cho 
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  • Howard & Judie Wexler 

* of Blessed Memory

“Everyone deserves the opportunity to have a career that gives them the ability to provide for their families and to build financial security.  JVS gives this gift to our community, and I am proud to support their work.”

Kirsten Wolberg
JVS Board President & Longtime Supporter




Corporations 6%
Individuals 2%
In Kind Donations 17%
Fees and Other 5%



Job Search Support 6%
Career Pathways Training51%
Job Readiness (High School & Bridge Programs)19%
Management & General14%
Fundraising 10%

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Managing Director, Digital Banking and Cash Management Modernization, UBS

President Emeritus, Wendy Kesser

Certified Divorce Coach, Get With Wendy LLC

“I support JVS because the organization’s work transforms the lives of thousands, uplifting not just individuals but entire families. By emphasizing skills as the primary pathway to employment rather than just degrees, JVS offers an innovative approach that can reshape traditional hiring practices.”

Erran Berger
Vice President, Product Engineering

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President & CEO, Business Consortium Fund

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Director of Development

Kelcie Wong

Interim VP of Training

Luba Yusim

Director of Marketing & Communications

JVS Staff

  • Imue Aiguwurhuo
  • Karen Alarcon
  • Lorraine Albert
  • James Alderson
  • Regina Anders-Jefferson
  • Julie Barton
  • Melanie Bauzon
  • Kathryn Beeley
  • Tierney Berlinski
  • Mel Biendara
  • Vannesa Blanco
  • Lilliam Castellanos
  • Shu Cheng
  • Tera Clemons
  • Rosy Corado-Biggs
  • Jasmine Ebrahim
  • Tj Estandian
  • Nikki Freadhoff
  • Andrew Giese
  • Scott Goodell
  • Mark Guterman
  • Raza Handan
  • Tashae H-Kodjale
  • Amy Howard
  • Macy Huang
  • David Johnson
  • Jinny Jung
  • Irina Leyzerovich
  • Danny Liao
  • Peter Lipatov
  • Michael Madayag
  • Pauline Madriaga
  • Jan Magat
  • Aaliyah Martin
  • Tone Moreno
  • Pablo Ngo
  • Danielle North
  • Daniel O’Brien
  • Julissa Ontiveros
  • Sesa Pabalan
  • Sabrina Paynter
  • Dina Plotkin
  • Daniela Ponce
  • Luis Portillo
  • Amy Preut Duncan
  • Eliyana Dhakal
  • Claire Rivera
  • Inna Rubanovskaya
  • Bink Schenkkan
  • Paulette Sharp
  • Jasmin Siguenza
  • Dominique Stean
  • Brittany Stewart
  • Yuliya Strashkina
  • Jeff Suslow
  • Wenya Tan
  • Ivory Thompson
  • Elizabeth Toups
  • Khang Tran
  • Carolyn Tsai
  • Guillermo Turcios
  • Shannon Valdez
  • Alicia Velez-Rivers
  • Tia Walme
  • Dana Wood
  • Cecilia Young
  • Winta Zere
  • Amy Zhao